Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021

Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021



Yess!!.., we know how much men are unfriendly with shopping

But when it involves safety and grooming, shopping is perhaps a requirement . No doubt, clothes, shoes, watch are indispensible. But aside from these, even eyeglasses play a serious role in polishing men’s personality.
Most men treat glasses like just a vision correcting device but the very fact is eyeglasses has now moreover become a fashion accessory, even for men. They can definitely consider upgrading their personality with this piece of accessory. Not only medical benefits, but choosing right pair of glasses also will foster your style quotient. Shopping may be a bit complicated, not all men are good during this department. Don’t worry, Let see in todays post.Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021.


Fashion are some things which they follow religiously but just going with the flow will do no good. Not all fashion trends will accompany every personality. You need analyse what suits you the best. If you don’t belong to the style conscious squad, just consider your face shape and choose eyeframe accordingly. The frame shape should be contrastring to the size of your face.


When it comes to eyeglasses, size does matter. As compared to women, men certainly have different and bigger features so it’s no sense in going for little frames like women because it may look odd and ungraceful. Frames with extended edges and longer temples will suits on men’s face. Larger or medium eyeglasses comfortably fit with men’s face.


When in doubt, wear black! Well this style idea not only suits for outfit but also for eyewears. If you’re really confused whether you’ll carry any colour, with none reconsideration choose black. If you would like to use colours, we’ll assist you out.

    • For Professional Look

The blue collar and IT men can choose neutral colours to enrich their professional attire. Metallic colours like gold, bronze, copper, silver will look classy and professional. Shades of black and brown also will accompany their overall look.

    • For the Casual Look

For the funky look, you’ll certainly play with colours. Thinner frames with bright colours look cool. Casual clothes gel well with solid colour frames.


Importance of sunglasses in summer:

Sunglasses are not only for style but they also serve great purposes and here we will tell you the 3 purposes of wearing sunglasses in this summer.

  • Protects From The Sun :

Yess, they are stylish, but they are named ‘Sun’ glasses because the main role of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. When your eyes are exposed to sunlight, it comes into contact with the ultra violet rays of the sun and we all know that this is a dangerous factor that is harmful to your eyes. To guard your eyes from the UV rays, your glasses must have UVA and UVB certifications, which signifies your eyes will be saved from UV rays.



  • Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021 Protection From Wind And Dust 

A simple scratch against your pupil or cornea can permanently damage your eyes. And dust particles floating with wind have enough ability to scratch it.
If you’re riding or driving you should wear sunglasses and the wind is against your face. Also, even if you’re just walking down the street, wearing sunglasses in summer is essential to protect your eyes. It also has the ability to damage your eyes as there are sweet waves of wind in summer.

  •  Lessen Your Headaches And Migraines 

Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021

Your eyes are the main source of your headache and migraine. If you wear the right sunglasses, you can reduce the chances of headaches and migraine problems by almost 60% to 65%.
Imagine a life with less headaches and more peace, does that sound good? Then in summer you should wear a pair of sunglasses.

Well, these were the reasons why you should wear a pair of sunglasses in the summer. Let see which are trending in this summer.





Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021

This is the most popular brand for sunglasses. However, this is often happened to be the foremost expensive also . The price range starts from INR 10000. However, the high quality and designs make this brand one of the best in the market.
The Sunglasses are about fashion and protection. These brands have earned the reputation for being one among the favored brands for wonderful designs and quality.


Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021

This is another premier brand that features a wide selection of sorts and also offers top quality sunglasses. The sunglasses are well equipped to save lots of you from the scorching heat and are stylish also . The price ranges of this sunglasses are from INR 4000 onwards.



Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021

This is again best brand for the sunglasses. The brand makes the Sunglasses for both men and women and this is one of the best for UV protection, summer heat and for the style. You would get different varieties as well. The price range starts for sunglasses from INR 4000.


Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021
It is one among the foremost stylish sunglasses brands in India and therefore the world. The supreme quality and therefore the huge ranges for shapes, sizes and colours have made it one among the simplest within the market. It is within the reasonable ranges also and therefore the price starts from the INR 2000 onwards.


Top 5 brands of sunglasses and shopping tips for mens 2021
This is one among the foremost popular sunglasses brands available within the country. Ray Ban is understood for unique style and wide ranges. You can get a spread of shapes, colors, and sizes with this brand. The top quality sunglasses are bit costly and therefore the price range starts from INR 2000.

Here are some sunglasses available on amazon you should buy:



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